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Have A Basement? 5 Tips Before Moving Day

Moving to a new house is a challenge for most people, but some homes have features that make it even more challenging. One of these features is a basement. If your home includes a basement, how can you make this part of the home easier, less risky, and more efficient to move? Here are five tips to try in your home. 

1. Hire Movers

Is your basement fully furnished and used on a regular basis? Does it house certain unusual and difficult items like gym equipment, pool tables, or home theater equipment? If so, you would do well to hire movers to help clear out this section of rooms. Professional movers reduce risk of injury by using the right equipment and navigating stairs with experience. 

2. Take Things Up

As you pack the basement, try to move boxes and individual goods upstairs to stage them. Staging packed stuff in a basement accessed only through stairs means your movers and helpers will spend a lot of extra time on moving day going up and down. This costs time and money, and it can wear out helpers early. If possible, take things closer to the exit for convenience. 

3. Start Early

The basement is a great space for many families to start organizing and packing early. This can be helpful for two reasons. First, if your basement is underutilized, you can pack up these things in advance without interrupting your daily life. And if the basement is large or full, you get a head start on a big part of the packing work. 

4. Take Advantage of Walk-Outs

While basements that are accessible only via stairs make moving more difficult, walk-out basements could be a benefit. Depending on its location, consider staging boxes and belongings near the walk-out exit before moving day. This keeps your growing pile of packed goods out of your way and moves them closer to a convenient exit. 

5. Clear Space

Can movers and helpers get to and around the basement easily? Some basements become a catch-all storage area, which can make packing and transporting it difficult. The best way to ensure clear space and easy navigation on moving day is to purge items from the basement. However, if most of the items will be staying, make sure you provide good lighting, remove obstacles, and warn people about overhead hazards. 

Want more tips for preparing, packing, or staging your basement for a big move? Start by consulting with an experienced moving company in your area, such as Main Street Movers. With their help, you can be ready for moving day no matter what challenges your home presents.