Identifying Moving Problems

Tips For Packing Up Your Food For A Move

If you are going to be moving to a new one, you likely have food that you want to take with you. Packing up food is a bit different than other things in your home since it involves more planning than putting things into a box.

Ask Your Movers What Is Allowed

When using professional movers, you'll want to ask them what is allowed to be transported in the truck during the moving truck. They may have strict policies about no food being allowed in the moving truck or only allow canned goods and other sealed items. This is because there is a chance that items could break open during the move, causing a mess in the moving truck and a bad odor.

Consider Taking A Cooler With You

If your movers do not want food on the moving truck, you'll need to find another solution. A great idea is to take a cooler in your own vehicle with the food that you want to keep. This is more practical for a local move rather than a long-distance move, but the logic applies to anything that cannot go in the back of a moving truck.

Use Your Food Before You Move

You should be making a meal plan for a week or so prior to your move to use up what is in your refrigerator. The refrigerated items are going to be the hardest to move because they are more likely to spoil due to the heat of being in the back of a moving truck, so you are better off using the food up before you move and going grocery shopping after you move in.

Declutter Your Pantry

Now is also the time to reevaluate what is in your pantry and what you want to take with you. Do you really need those cans of vegetables that are long past their expiration date and have sat on a shelf for years? It may be time to pair down your pantry and throw things away that are old and you won't be eating. If you have food that is still good to eat that you just don't want, consider donating it to a local food pantry.

Seal Off Open Food

Anything that is partially open has a risk of spilling during a move. These items should be sealed off in bags so that you don't want to worry about a mess being made. For example, put an open container of flour into a sealed bag, and protect it in the box just as if you would protect any other item. 

Reach out to movers to discuss how to move food or other items.