Identifying Moving Problems

How Different Types Of Apps Can Help You Move

There is almost an app for everything. For example, some apps can help you plan and execute your relocation. Below are some of these apps.


Decluttering before moving helps ion two main ways. First, it lightens your load and helps lower your moving budget. Secondly, decluttering helps you avoid relocating with unnecessary items.

Several apps can help you declutter.  For example, some apps can help you sell items you no longer need — Shpock is a good example. Some apps can also help you digitize your documents by scanning the documents and saving their soft copies.


One of the first things to do when planning a move is to create an inventory of your items. The inventory will help you identify the items you need to move and the tasks you need to do. You can take the traditional route by using a pen and paper or you can use an app.

Apps such as Sortly, Stock Control, and Rapid Inventory can all help you organize your items and tasks. These apps have minor variations in how they work. However, most of them will help you take pictures, scan barcodes, enter text, and sort your items into different categories. Creators of thee apps tend to target enterprise users, but there is nothing to stop you from using them for your move.


Moving is expensive. Apart from the main cost of relocation, you may also have to pay for some incidental expenses. Packing supplies, temporary storage, cleanup, and moving insurance are some of the expenses that can inflate your budget.

You need to know how much money you need for the move, and how much you can spare. Budgeting apps can help you with both things. You can use budgeting apps to assign specific amounts to specific tasks so you don't go over your budget. Some apps can help you track your expenditures once you start spending on the move — for example, when buying packing supplies.


Packing is a critical part of moving. You don't want to spend too much on packing supplies, but you also want to protect your items during the move. This calls for using the fewest packing supplies and boxes without exposing your items to the risk of damage.

Again, some apps can help you pack. Many of them are geared towards travelers, but they can help you when relocating too. Different packing apps focus on different parts of the process. An app like PackTeo, for example, can walk you through the packing process step-by-step. Some apps also allow you to add details of items packed (such as weight, color, and box).

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