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Are You An Avid Gardener? 3 Tips To Safely Move Lawn And Garden Equipment

As a gardener, you've worked hard to turn your house's landscaping into a beautiful oasis that invites people to enjoy the scenery and relax. While it's hard to leave the fruits of your labor behind, you can also look forward to setting up another scenic landscape that brings out the best features of your new property. However, you still have to get over the hump of packing and transporting all of your lawn equipment. As you prepare to move, use these tips to keep your property and anyone who helps you safe throughout the process.

Remove Fluids From All Equipment

Naturally, your first step is to make sure that all of your lawn and garden equipment is clean. Give anything with dirt or grass attached to it a good spray-down with a powerful stream of water. Then let it all dry. You will also need to drain any fluids in the lawn equipment to ensure that nothing leaks out once it is on the moving truck. Removing any gas, oil, or other fluids not only prevents your other property from being damaged on the truck but also keeps items such as lawn mowers in top condition if they need to be placed into storage.

Wrap and Package Sharp Blades

Lawn trimmers, pruning shears, and spades are all effective tools that have allowed you to tame wild plants on your property. However, these all have sharp blades that could cause an injury if you do not take precautions during the packing process. Make sure to disassemble any equipment with blades that cannot be transported intact, and wrap them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, this involves wrapping sharp objects in cardboard or another protective material. Small blades can be wrapped and then placed into boxes for further protection. Just make sure to label any boxes as being potentially dangerous so that everyone knows to be careful.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Equipment Alone

While your lawn and garden equipment may be your most prized possessions, the truth is that moving companies are more adept at helping you move them than you could ever manage alone. For instance, professional movers have dollies, carrying straps, and training that helps them prevent accidental drops that could break your equipment or cause an injury.

When you are already dreaming about how you will prune the trees on your new property, you want all of your equipment to arrive in working order. Now that you know how to pack and move your cherished lawn equipment, you can plan the rest of your move with ease.